Locking to Counter Locking


On the dvd you will learn how to apply many locks and how to then counter the locks, then how to counter the counter, Then how to use them in drills, this dvd is a must for all grappling martial artists and any one who wants to include more locks in their style and increase their knowledge, Lots and lots of study material , done in a simple but comprehensive way that Master Angelo is renowned for , not just a demo dvd he takes you through it and explains it clearly so you can do it.

Locking and Counter Locking 45 mins long includes;

Flowing from lock to lock, do’s and don’ts’, correct body dynamics, quick releases, flowing releases, training hints and tips and so much more, multiple camera angles have been used to aid learning.

Side Wrist lock,

Arm Bar,

Chicken Wing,

Centre Lock,

Finger Lock drill,

Lock Flow Drills

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