Shotokan White To Green Belt


These Dvds have been aclaimed worldwide the author Master Angelo 7th Dan has been training in martial arts for over 39 years and is in demand for seminars all over the world with over 30 Dvds to his credit you can be assured of quality instruction , dont be mistaken these dvds are quality, on this dvd which is an hour and fourty mins long you will learn;

  • All the katas to green belt (Taikyoku, Heian shodan, Heian nidan and Heian sandan)
  • Stances, posture and breathing
  • Simple pattern learning
  • Basic strikes and blocks
  • Basic kicking
  • Correct body dynamics
  • Putting combinations together
  • Relax and tense method
  • Japanese words
  • Training hints and much more!!!

Shows step by step learning!

” Watch as I take you through the Shotokan basics white to green belt in great detail but in an easy to follow manner” Master Angelo

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