The Indian Seminar


Together with over 78 years in the martial arts GM Angelo Baldissone and Master Pip Mahony Proudly present THE INDIAN SEMINAR in association with Filipino-Kyusho Asia.

On the 29th and 30th August 2009 GM Angelo Baldissone and Master Pip Mahony Conducted  sell out Seminars in Chennai, India.

Gm Angelo Baldissone is the author of over 30 internationally acclaimed dvds which sell all over the world, with over 39 years in the martial arts and teaching at seminars in the USA, India, Italy, Spain, Belgium etc etc you can be sure of quality instruction.

Here is all the action highlights on a 2 hour double dvd set, included in the seminar were the teaching topics of;

1. Pressure points (Kyusho-Jitsu) and the ways to locate them using the correct angle and direction and energy production, It has been kept very simple for everyone to absorb the knowledge. Common myths and mistakes when learning Pressure points, Question and answer section, different energy effects, how to activate them correctly and much much more.

2. Aikido Principles and concepts, Tai Sabaki (foot work) , Wrist locks , takedowns , spacial awareness, leading, entering, taking posture when locking, body contact, non resistence, arm bars mistakes and corrections, etc etc

3. Knife Combat , lessons on taking centreline, controlling the oponent, speed cutting, takedowns , entering, dangerous cutting techniques, option control, and much more.

4. Stick work, including strikes, locking, hawi tapi demo with takedown.

5. Self defence techniques, finger locks , armbars, shoulder locks, immobilisations and much more.

There are lots and lots of study material on this double dvd set which is clearly explained as with all my dvds it is not just giving you a demonstrations but you will actually learn from them.

There is so much information on these dvds you can not fail to learn from them, you will see more and more each time.

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