Ultimate Knife Collection

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Ultimate Knife Collection 3dvd box set include,

Knife Drills 1

Knife Drills 2

Filipino Knife

Grandmaster Angelo has been training in the
fighting arts for over 42 years, author of
over 50 internationally acclaimed dvds
you can be assured of quality instruction.

You’ll learn:

  • Knife Hubad
  • Knife Hubad with cuts
  • Passing and Stopping Drill
  • Using the Centre
  • Body deflections
  • DisarmsFlow drills to build skills
  • Correct body dynamics
  • Angle and Directions
  • Grip Switching
  • Knife Drills
  • Knife Passing Drill
  • Correlation Drill
  • Tapi Tapi Knife Drill
  • Disarms
  • Flow drills to build skills

For the detailed break down see each Dvd of the same name on this site

Three dvds in one box set Ultimate Collection incredible quality and value.

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