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GM Angelo has been training in the fighting arts for over 46 years, studying boxing, judo, karate, kung fu, aikido, Thai boxing, jujit-su, Arnis, Kali, Panantukan etc,  having been graded and conferred to Grandmaster level by 8 leading Filipino grandmasters, he shares his knowledge with 1000’s of students from around the world. Angelo states it is a privilege and honour to be able to share his life long passion for the martial arts and  to date he has been fortunate to have given seminars in 21 countries around the world, including, England, Spain, USA, Italy, Australia,  India, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, etc.

GM Angelo DVDs are made so you can study them and not just made to give you a demonstration, they are filmed with many different angles and speeds, ‘’you can understand these even if you don’t speak English well’’  these are frequent customer comments. If you are serious about learning martial arts these are the DVDs that will help you progress in your martial arts and get you to the next level.

When you have placed your order and paid, the DVDs download links will be emailed out to you straight away.

Yes you can train with Grandmaster Angelo privately at his Dojo in England or look out for the seminars information on this website. Please mail for details of private training.

You will receive personal, quality training on pressure points, Filipino boxing (panantukan), Weapons , self defence, Filipino kyusho and much more. When studying and training the focus is always on the core principles of the martial arts and this will transcend the arts you do. These are not work out lessons but are more study based work, leading to your total understanding of martial arts and why it all works.

Yes you can join the Worldwide Filipno Kyusho family, there are no fees to pay and we welcome everyone from all styles of martial arts from around the world.

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