Deadly Dolphin Training

The day intensive training leads to the certification so that you will be able to teach the deadly dolphin as a stand alone complete  self-defence method.

The training  will show you how to use this self defence phenomenon, that is the Deadly Dolphin key ring we will cover its many uses and applications, feel protected, feel safe, it is Small, efficient, ergonomically designed and Deadly and at this moment before they find out it is totally legal, , Using the pressure points and the Dolphin you have a complete self defence system.

Deadly Dolphin Course

  • Holding the weapon
  • Points of control
  • Pressure points
  • The 3 most deadly moves
  • Effective escaping
  • Traffic light system
  • Street ready
  • Legal requirements
  • Training routine
  • Thumb to the Fin and he won’t win.

We will cover step by step leaning and much more!!!

Protect yourself and your loved ones don’t be a victim, order your Deadly Dolphin and DVD now.

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!!

Contact me to book.