Filipino Dirty Boxing Panantukan

Filipino Dirty boxing or Panantukan is the art of hitting your opponent while unbalancing him and or unbalancing him while hitting him it comes from the Filipino word Suntokan meaning  brawling (hitting) , it employs knees, elbows, Head butts ,low kicks, treading on the feet, stamping on the legs, hitting with the shoulder, crook of the arm and many more brawling and so called dirty tactics as well as jabs, hooks, crosses and uppercuts,  it is a very effective empty hand fighting system.  My interpretation is based more on striking as opposed to too much grappling, the reason behind it is I am always aware of being attacked by multiple opponents, so you need to keep moving and not pin or tie yourself up with one opponent as you can easily be attacked by someone else very quickly while dealing with the initial attack.   We would employ the walking through the opponent principle as well as using centreline, absorption,  deflection, projections, creating voids, circles, spirals etc. Etc.

Panantukan is not based on using strength or unnecessary force, but focuses on using the core principles and correct body mechanics, there are no high kicks or superficial movements to learn. It requires you to use your body core and walk and most people can do that!!!

Filipino Boxing- Panantukan Instructor course

What does the course consist of?

It consists of intensive training weekends covering Saturday and Sunday. But they can also be attended during the week upon request. Training is five hours a day.

What is the content?

In Filipino Dirty Boxing (Panantukan) you will learn many things in a realistic manner covering Pressure points, knees strikes, elbows, Head butts ,low kicks, treading on the feet, unbalancing an opponent, stamping on the legs, hitting with the shoulder, crook of the arm and many more brawling and so called dirty tactics as well as jabs, hooks, crosses and uppercuts,  it is a very effective empty hand fighting system.

Below is an brief outline of what we will be covering on the courses but they are tailor made to suit the individual persons skills and needs.

Instructor Courses

  • Explanation of the core principles.
  • Footwork (medicine ball and partner work)
  • Balance points
  • Unbalancing an opponent
  • Walking through an opponent
  • Main entry points
  • Pad work striking
  • Nerve dysfunctions
  • Jab, Cross , hook, uppercuts, Knees, elbows
  • Knee and low line combinations
  • Blending with an opponent.
  • Review of course 1
  • Footwork medicine ball level 2
  • Punching and Elbow combinations
  • Hitting and unbalancing an opponent in one
  • Making the opponent weightless
  • Pressure points and activation
  • Head butting
  • Punch and kick counters
  • Riding the arms
  • Pad work in striking combinations.
  • Creation of centre frugal force
  • Review of course 2
  • Intermediate Principles and concepts
  • Footwork medicine ball level 3
  • Striking entries
  • Bridging the ranges
  • Hitting with the shoulder
  • Speed grapple and quick release
  • Ankle breaks, Knee breaks
  • Opening the lines
  • Knee and elbow counters
  • Pad striking combinations short and long
  • Opponent set ups
  • Opponent striking combinations short and long
  • Review of course 3
  • Advanced medicine ball partner footwork
  • Advanced entries
  • Advanced power generation
  • Dealing with multiple attackers
  • Evasive footwork
  • Trapping and baiting your opponent
  • Advanced body manipulations
  • Advanced angling and centreline
  • Flexible weapons (belts, T-shirt, rope, chains Etc.) In attack and defense
  • Nerve knock outs
  • Advanced teachings of all study material

Course FAQs

Any one with a genuine interest in Martial arts, grade and experience is not important, but commitment, determination and enthusiasm are!!!!!

The training is conducted personally by GM Angelo Baldissone 8th Dan.

For each level completed you will receive a certificate in Filipino Dirty Panantukan boxing for that relevant course, you will also need to demonstrate that you have absorbed the material and are able to teach it (tested). All courses are designed for you to learn but you must practice much more at your training place or club this is not an easy option program you come to learn and go away to practice and implement the topics studied.

All courses are in New Milton, Hants set in the New Forest England. Post code BH25 5QD, UK

Please contact me for prices and times of the next course.