Filipino Kyusho Instructor Training

What does the program consist of?

It consists of 6 intensive training weekends covering Saturday and Sunday.

Covering each program up to Apprentice Instructor in the Filipino Kyusho martial arts. These are flexible to fit in with your family should you miss one weekend we can rearrange it so you complete the program and pass.

What is the content?

In Filipino Kyusho you will learn many things in a realistic manner covering Pressure points, stick and knife, locking, punching, kicking, takedowns, flow drills, stick fighting and much more for a breakdown see below.

Weekend Courses

  • Posture, breathing, stances and footwork
  • Making a fist
  • Jab, cross and hook
  • Kicking
  • Basic Hubad (energy drill)
  • Armbar and wristlock
  • Flowing armbar and wristlock
  • Pressure points and activation
  • Stickwork
  • Knifework
  • Empty hands
  • Brief review of Weekend 1
  • Footwork Tai sabaki
  • Red belt Kicking Roundhouse jump kick / replace kick and knee strike
  • Punching Upper cut
  • Straight punch in Hubad energy drill
  • Centrelock and reverse wristlock
  • Flowing centrelock and reverse wristlock from energydrill
  • Pressure points and activation
  • Stick striking patterns
  • Sinawali (stick energy drillls left and right hand)
  • Kurridas (stick close quarter fighting)
  • Knifework, basic pattern , cut and pass check
  • Empty hands
  • Brief review of Weekend 2
  • Principles and concepts
  • Elbow strikes
  • Sliding side kick
  • Kick and Punch combinations
  • Shoulder Locks
  • Elbow Strike Hubad
  • Stick Flows mixing with empty hands
  • Pressure points and activation
  • Italian Knife Drills
  • Locking from sinawali
  • Bridging the ranges
  • Brief review of Weekend 3
  • Pressure point revival
  • Sparring combinations
  • Hubad with kicking and punching
  • Finger locks principles explained
  • Chicken wing and hammer lock
  • Locking flow drill
  • Pressure points and activation
  • Self defence
  • Stick combinations
  • Disarms from sinawali drills
  • Knife defence
  • Knife hubad
  • Brief review of Weekend 4
  • Taking and controlling centreline
  • Pad drills
  • Hubad half beat inserts
  • Circle locking explained
  • Standing centrelock
  • Locking flow drill
  • Pressure points and activation
  • Self defence
  • Stick locking
  • Karambit
  • Italian knife footwork
  • Italian knife strikes
  • Brief review of Weekend 5
  • Taking and controlling posture
  • Timing drills
  • Hubad flows with inserts
  • Ground grappling
  • Opening and closing strikes
  • Stick and Knife
  • Power Generation
  • Self defence
  • Stick sparring close quarters
  • Disarms from sinawali drills
  • Sinking and Blending energy
  • Combination drills
  • Gunting (defanging the snake)

Training FAQs

Any one with a genuine interest in Filipino Martial arts grade and experience is not important, but commitment, determination and enthusiasm are!!!!!

The training is conducted personally by GM Angelo Baldissone.

(Apprentice Instructor) in the Filipino Kyusho martial arts but of course you will need much more training this is not an easy option program.

The courses are at the Filipino Kyusho HQ in New Milton, Hants set in the New Forest.

Please contact me for prices and times of the next course.

Day Taster Training Course

If a 6 weekend course sounds like it might be too tough for you, or you simply want to try out my courses to see if you enjoy it before committing to a 6 weekend course – I offer a one-day taster course. 

Fill out your details in the form below and i’ll be in touch to discuss your day taster training course.

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