Grandmaster Angelo Baldissone - Originator of the Filipino Kyusho system

This website is dedicated to all martial artists with the intention of promoting good quality martial arts , Self defense , Karate , Pressure Points, Dim Mak, Kung Fu , Kyusho ,  Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) and Pressure points in particular  to foster a spirit of helping each other to improve not only in the arts but also everyone’s mind, body and soul. On this site you will find professional quality instructional DVDs which will increase your martial arts knowledge.

Many thanks to all the people around the world who have taken Filipino Kyusho system into their hearts, I am very grateful and feel very humble. I have been blessed to be able to teach and share with so many martial artists all over the globe, UK, India, China, USA, Australia, Philippines, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France etc.

Please see Filipino Kyusho page for more information.

Thank you


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