UFC or MMA the Ultimate?

UFC or MMA the Ultimate?

Thanks for taking the time to read these blogs I feel so very lucky that I have the opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts, ideas and life lessons.

UFC or MMA are they the ultimate? So many people come up to me and proudly announce your art would not work in MMA or UFC. I tell them you are right my art would not work in UFC or an MMA environment. We all know why because in UFC you can not headbutt your opponent, poke them in the eyes, jab them in the throat, kick or stamp on them when they are ground. There is no biting or spitting, no fish hooking, No hair pulling, there are no downward elbows (12 to 6), no kicks to the groin. There are no clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh, no nipple twists (shame). Intentionally placing a finger into any orifice,(big shame ha ha) or into any cut or laceration of your opponent. If I have left some rules out please forgive me as I am reciting them from memory. As we can see from above they are not quite the complete arts we think they are.

Please remember UFC and MMA are sports. Now they are fantastic to watch and they are incredible athletes but they are still sports not self defence. Don’t confuse the two things.

We can argue that UFC/MMA training can help you be better prepared for the street and I would say that yes that is true but I would also say that the right kind of martial arts training would also do the same thing. I am not talking about point scoring Karate as that is another thing altogether. I will cover that in another blog.

Do I think that I have the ultimate martial art of course I do. (just joking) There is no such thing. FMA always gets a bad reputation by people saying sticks are no use to you so why train with them. People forget that it is a bladed art with swords and knifes but of course you can not train with real ones or fight with them. We would not get the insurance believe me I have tried. This brings me to a criticism levied against many FMA grandmasters in that they are no good without their weapons, meaning their empty hands skills fall a little short. Would I agree and the answer is yes but it is a fault in the way they training, not because they do not have enough skill it is purely that they don’t spend enough time training empty hands to the same level as their weapons skills. (I hope I have not offended anyone but if I have tuff). So do I think MMA and UFC are the ultimate arts? No I do not, but I also believe that there is no such thing, my art included, I just want to keep my sh*t  better than anyone else’s sh*t.

Keep well everyone and keep training.

GM Angelo