The Filipino Kyusho Summer Camp

The Filipino Kyusho Summer Camp First of all I would like to thank everyone who attended the summer camp. All of you made it so special and your efforts getting there were greatly appreciated. A big shout out to Mani who came from India for the week end. It was going to be a lot bigger and originally it was to celebrate my 50 years in martial arts but then the dreaded Covid hit. Having said that everyone who came had a wonderful time and went away with new ideas and understanding.

Although the lower numbers it did not detract from a memorable week end and the atmosphere was marvellous with lots of laughing and joking. We are grateful for everyone who came. The guys from Belgium were fantastic just getting stuck in and learning as much as possible. Iain from Durham, Stuart and Louise, we can not thank you enough.

It was a pleasure to see everyone and there were no egos on show, everyone was just happy being there together and happy learning the way martial arts should be. Kristian and Zoltan slept in the car and went down the beach for a swim before training. That is dedication and making the most out of the camp.

Congratulations to GM John, GM Pip, GM Barry, Master Lorraine, Master Dan, Master Dave, Master Ian, Master Mani, Master Jimmy and Guro Joeri for achieving his third dan in Filipino Kyusho. All the promotions were so well deserved.

Look out for the next summer camp which is going to be held in Belgium!!

Thank you all again and what I have learnt in my 52 years in martial arts is; “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”