Advanced Karambit


This is the follow on dvd to the Karambit dvd and includes Advanced footwork , Body Manipulations, Hawi Tapi drills, Disarms and flows and much more, a fantasic dvd that will enhance your knowledge of this deadly weapon.

“Watch as I take you through the deadly weapon
known as the karambit this fantastic dvd will thrill you
showing you all the cuts,  drills and skills to enhance your
knowledge of this deadly weapon”

You’ll learn:

  • Karambit Footwork
  • Extending the Karambit
  • Six angles in flow
  • Body manipulations using karambit
  • Karambit against stick
  • Hawi Tapi Karambit drills
  • Riding the arms
  • Disarms and flows
  • Karambit against Knife

and  much more!!!

44mins long

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