Sinawali Boxing (Digital Download)


GM Angelo has been training in the fighting arts for over 41 years,
author of over 50 internationally acclaimed dvds you can be assured
of quality instruction and in depth knowledge.

  “ The Sinawali boxing dvd will excite you, see how easy
you can flow from one drill to the next incorporating
punches, locks, strikes, traps and take downs all done from
fluid motion,These drills were made famous by Remy Presas
but have a GM Angelo flavour and angle on them.   ” 

You’ll learn:

  • Basic stick pattern
  • Basic hand pattern
  • Standing centre lock with punch
  • Standing finger centre lock
  • Shoulder lock
  • Centre lock
  • Chicken wing thumb lock
  • Trapping hands
  • Mixing the drills

and  much more!!!

60mins long