Stick Disarms (Digital Download)


This is a teaching dvd and not just giving you demonstations you will be able to learn and follow it.

Master Angelo with over 39 years of experience in the fighting arts teaches all over the world his dynamic art of Filipino Kyusho, he is the author of over 30 internationally acclaimed dvds and has been featured in many top martial arts magazines and brings you for the first time on dvd the greatly awaited STICK DISARMS get ready to be blown away by the dynamic teaching methods of Master Angelo who shows you how to disarm an opponent in an easy to follow teaching format, this dvd breaks them down showing you the machanics of stick disarming. The do’s and don’t’s, why your disarms don’t work, correct center alignment, taking posture, creating advantage, understanding centreline, releasing grips, spirals, circles and much more.

Length: 40 Minutes