Espada Y Daga Vol 1 (Digital Download)


Espada Y Daga Vol 1 (Sword & Knife)

This first sword and knife dvd by GM Angelo shows you the many applications of using the sword and knife simultaneously blending the two weapons together as one.

You’ll learn:

  • Espada y daga footwork
  • Blocking with the sword
  • Parrying with the sword
  • Six angles in flow
  • Locking with the sword and knife
  • Multiple attack cutting drills
  • Riding the arms
  • Disarms and flows
  • Opening the lines, baiting

and  much more!!!

“The Long awaited dvd Espada Y Daga gives you
the foundation cuts and stabs, Locks and stabs,
seamless blending with the sword and knife your
understanding of flowing will increase after viewing
this dvd.’’

45 mins long

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