GM Angelo Baldissone Belgium November Seminar 2016

GM Angelo Baldissone Belgium November Seminar 2016

For the tenth year in a row saw me visit one of my favourite places Belgium to conduct seminars and private teaching. The Filipino Kyusho family is growing fast all around the world and it is always a pleasure to see all my students and friends there.

It has always been my goal to conduct seminars on principles and how martial arts work. So we do not aim to concentrate on techniques but instead rely on physiology, body mechanics, and the laws of physics. We always stress the importance of this type of teaching at seminars.

The two day seminar was an intensive study into these principles explaining and practicing on how to break the balance , manipulating posture, controlling the centreline, how to create voids for your opponent to fall into, management of spaces and many more things of this nature. For a list of 80 principles please mail me and I will send you a principle sheet. There are many more but 80 is enough to concentrate on at this time.

The interesting thing is that even when you use different weapons or tools the principles remain the same so even when you do empty hands, knife, sticks, swords, karambit, Filipino boxing etc. It is still the same thing although you make minor adjustments for the tool you are using at the time an example would be empty hand you need to be closer, a stick is a impact weapon, knife close range stabbing or slashing weapon etc.

During the two days seminar we used many tools and showed how they all applied when doing the principles. It was interesting on showing that the only reason we do techniques is to apply the principles, it is the principles that make it all work the techniques are not the art its self. If you rely on techniques when you find someone is faster or stronger than you, this is where the difficulty will occur and you will have nowhere to go unless you have studied the principles.

During the training the participants asked many questions and this showed me how keen they were to learn, practice and understand the material. Thank you to all the people that came to the seminars and made my time special, I hope that I can continue coming for many more years. A big thank you to everyone.

Belgium is a great country and I won’t go into how great the Belgium beer is with their 100‘s of different types and I always enjoy the food and the kind people.

Thank you to Sensei Steenis for hosting me. Sensei Steenis gives seminars in Belgium on these principles and for a full list of all the Filipino instructors in Belgium see the links page of my website.

I will just leave you with a saying.

‘’Someone showed me and I found it myself’’