Martial art reflections

Martial art reflections


Happy New Year everyone, you have all done very well to make it into 2021 and with that anus horribilis year out of the way we can now look forward to a fresh new start.


Last year gave me a lot more time to think about not only martial arts but also what was really important in my life. Family, friends and health which are always too readily taken for granted. Although I was disappointed not to be able to travel as much as normal we could still all keep in contact in some form or another and that helped a lot. The wonders of modern technologies!


Martial arts should never be taken for granted, we are all very lucky to be able to practice when we want and where ever we want. Everything that you are able to do in your life is a gift and should be treated that way. I feel very lucky to have some fantastic students, not only here in the UK but all over the world. Who would have thought that starting as an eight year old boy I would have travelled all over the world teaching martial arts?


Anyway now is the time to strengthen your martial art spirit and to keep it going and to now look at the ways you are doing things in your martial arts.  Can you improve it? Are you brave enough to give up the things that are not serving you well?


Many people do a martial art or system because they like being comfortable and they know what to expect, they like that familiarity but familiarity breeds contempt is a well known saying. They like to keep going, plodding along and just do the same things they have performed for years. For me I don’t want that, I want to find out things and the principles in my martial arts. When I cannot do something this is what excites me, finding out things that you cannot do. Like taking a technique, pulling it apart, dissecting it and then discovering the principles contained in it. Now if it does not work and should it disobey any of the principles then I will try to put the principles back in to it and so modify it somewhat to see if it will still work.  If I am still not happy with it then I will totally disregard the technique and throw it out. It does not matter if I have been doing that particular technique for years and years I will still throw it out and find another way.


This is a very important lesson I learned many years ago if it does not work, change it, modify it or let it go. Do not have any attachment to your techniques or your style/system this will only cloud your thinking!


Just remains for me to wish everyone a happy new year but more important I wish you all health. Best wishes


GM Angelo