New start martial art

New start martial art

Before I start I would just like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and to thank everyone for their continued support, we have loved doing the DVDS and meeting everyone over the past year and all your kind messages thank you so much.

Just while I remember I have some Christmas turkey left over so if anyone would like some send me an email and I will put it in an envelope for you. Don’t ask for the after eight mints as they have all gone now. Granny has sucked all those away. (No teeth bless her)

The above title suggests that you have to make a new start as it is the new year this is not completely true. For me I will be looking at my martial arts and the way I teach and my own training to see if there is something that needs changing, modifying and or evolving. We all know that it could always be better and we can always improve but sometimes we miss things that are glaring and so obvious to other people. (Suggestions always welcome)

This brings me to the blog content and when I say new start martial art it means trying to see your martial arts, training or style from a different point of view. Set some goals for yourself whether it is getting into the splits or being able to kick head height or learning five more forms, katas, patterns, you should set yourself a goal. It should be one that you can achieve by making an effort and is out of your comfort zone but not too far away that you could never reach it so make it realistic. 

There is a saying ‘‘If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.’’

Try to train little and often as this is better than trying to do one mega session once a week. If you only do an hour a day that still will be 365 hours over the year that would make a big difference to your training and improvements. Let us work it out, if you go to a class twice a week for an hour and a half each time that would still only be 156 hours as opposed to 365 at an hour a day, you would be up 209 hours!!!!

Having said that we all know that it is quality not quantity well that is what I keep telling the wife. Anyway that is enough about that.

My goal for this year is to improve my cardio, in a fight you use so much energy that you can be drained in a minute or less and with all that adrenalin pumping and nerve jangling it is easy to see why, so I am going to do the stuff that I used to do when I started boxing if I can remember that far back, that means lots of skipping and some road running and Fartlek  training (means ‘‘Speed Play’’ in Swedish) just a mind full of information me. I am not hoping to get back to my marathon days as this would be unrealistic at my age and would also detract from my martial arts as if spend too much time on running then I am not spending enough time on my martial arts.

There it is, make a new start on your training and look at it in a different way. Keep going forward in the right direction and you will achieve all your goals.

Train safe and keep safe

GM Angelo