The word secret indirectly makes us lazy. If anybody needs a secret in anything like becoming rich, being successful in their career, life, or to lose weight or to be a good martial artist it indirectly means they don’t want to work or train hard for it. We say secrets are words to use when marketing. They put the word secret on the label or packaging and people will buy it. Don’t rely on or put your trust in secrets. Be real train and work hard. This is a secret for every Filipino kyusho person and of course for every human being.


Having said the above could we say that maybe some of the old masters had found some secret way of doing things or were there ways, methods and techniques only shown to a selected few?


The jury is out on that one as in these modern times we have access to so much technology, computers, and information on the web, our studies of the human body and anatomy are reaching incredible heights, we are now identifying and replacing faulty genes within the body, The incredible phenomenon of 85 year old patients receiving heart surgery twenty five years ago this would not of been possible only now because of the advances in medicine and the refined ways of doing invasive surgery.

Now with the aid of a computer we can now analyse where we are losing efficiency while swimming, playing golf, running, tennis and of course martial arts. The computer will analyse and show you where you need to make adjustments to your running style or swing, kick or punch to make your techniques better etc.

So with all this knowledge at our fingertips did the old masters know more things or have more secrets than us? For me the old masters were more brutal in seeing if things would work in battle or in a real life confrontation to the point of killing and maiming. They did techniques that were effective and by practicing these one or two things over and over again they were very proficient at them so as to seem that they had secret techniques. Or was it a lot of hype passed down by their students into a game of Chinese whispers. We may never know but what we do know is that many people today are not prepared to put in the hard work and dedication to make what they do seem effortless.

‘’When a movement is truly efficient it will be perceived as effortless.’’

There is a world famous Japanese master who openly states that every year he goes around the world teaching students secrets then he goes home and practices his basics!

The secret is there are no secrets and if it was easy everyone would do it.

By GM Angelo