Some Martial Arts Breathing Techniques You Need to Know

Breathing is essential during workouts, exercises, and martial arts training. Many people believe that there is just one way to breathe i.e. in and out but the reality is contrary to this notion. There are numerous techniques related to breathing. Some institutes even conduct courses on breathing techniques to relax the body and mind only. Chinese have mastered some of the prominent breathing tactics in order to strengthen their bodies for martial arts. Martial arts was first introduced 1000’s of years ago. It is an astonishing fact that there are hundreds of different styles within martial arts. Now, if you are on the journey to be an expert in these styles, you will require strength within your mind and body. You have to be apt in the breathing techniques which might be helpful during your martial arts training whether it’s abdominal breathing, yoga or circular breathing.

If you are confused on the fact that there is more to breathing in and out, we will guide you to some of the widely practiced Chinese breathing methods that you should be aware of before starting your martial arts practice.

  1. Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal breathing is considered one of the best breathing techniques for the beginning. It might seem easier but is often difficult to practice it correctly. The basic idea is to fill your lungs with air and focus on your abdominal muscles which are three fingers above the navel area. It is called dan tien in Chinese. You can start from being in a comfortable position and start to inhale through your nose into the abdominal area. Try not to be restless or worried as it will discontinue the momentum. Try to work on inhaling slowly focusing on your abdomen in your mind. When you feel abdomen is full, exhale calmly by pushing your abdominal area back to its position.

  1. Attention Breathing

Attention breathing is all about observing your breathing patterns with a closed eye. Different people breath in many diverse ways, for instance, children breathe from their abdomen and old people from their chests to keep young try to keep your breathing in your abdomen . Attention breathing is an attempt to regularize your breathing from an unconscious impromptu chore to a more deliberate and conscious form of breathing. It is a type of breathing which maintains your health and keeps you emotionally peaceful.

  1. Aikido Breathing Techniques

Aikido Breathing techniques are one of the most pertinent methods in mastering martial arts. It’s a series of breathing procedures to strengthen your mind, abdominal muscles and lungs. Aikido breathing exercises include reverse breathing, Breathing rhythm, Meditation, Kiai, Kokyu Nage, and Kokyu Hu. All of them are some forms of breathing used during yoga and martial arts practice. The key to mastering this method is to control the tempo of your breathing so that you can control it for a longer time. This breathing technique is quite popular among athletes.

  1. Buddhist Vase Breathing

Buddhist Vase Breathing is also known as Tummo or the Mystic kiss. It is used to create an awareness in your body so that the person can generate an intense heat in his body. The focus here is to pushing down the abdominal area and at the same time pushing up the pelvic floor. It is also used in the practices of tantra, martial arts, hatha yoga, and Qigong. This technique is a bit more complex than others. It takes some time and regular practice to achieve the desired results.

  1. Golden Elixir Breathing

Golden Elixir Breathing is most commonly used with other breathing methods. It has seven different levels from an individual has to generate his saliva, inhale and swallow the saliva. It is well known and commonly used in the Chinese Qigong. It was considered a gift and a secret in ancient times.

  1. White Tiger Breath

White tiger breathing technique is also called White Tiger Green Dragon Breath. It is one of the most precarious breathing methods as it can take your life if done incorrectly. That is the reason that it only taught in person. It has similarity with some of the styles of Tummo Breathing but it has more intense elements of fire and water. Individuals who want to master this breathing practice should first dominate the Primordial Breath as most of its rudiments overlap with each other.


Breathing is a way to know that you are alive. We often take the air around us for granted as we believe that it will be there forever.  The secret behind the success of martial arts mastery is the effectiveness and how well we use the breath which in turn controls our health, mind and well being.

Stay safe

GM Angelo