Be persistent!

Be persistent!

Sitting here writing this blog after 50 years of the fighting arts, I take a step back and wonder how I made it to five decades. It dawned on me that it is passion, love, vocation, dedication and my enquiring mind that thirsts for knowledge of the arts that has kept me going all these years.

That is not all there is, a more important thing that many instructors and students miss is persistence without this you will fall at the first hurdle. It is so easy to give up when things are not going the way you want or think and we are all past masters at blaming everything else or someone else on why we could not achieve something.  I am too short or I am not fit enough or I have the wrong teacher excuses are plentiful and abound. Maybe persistence is something that you cannot teach but I know through martial arts training it does develop and get stronger over time.

The true test of your character in martial arts and in life is can you handle the bad times and difficult periods and can you continue after illness, family circumstances or bereavement.

When I find out I cannot do something in martial arts or life it makes me more dedicated to learn how to do it. Maybe it’s my nature (stubborn) but I know so many people who were so close to gaining their black belt and gave up with just a few months before their grading. Some will gain their black belt and then stop training as that was their goal. As we know training begins at black belt and you will require more determination and persistence to continue towards your goals.

So never give up, push through the bad periods and the things you find difficult and your successes will be just a footstep away.

‘‘When you are persistent in your martial arts you cannot help but be consistent.’’ – GM Angelo


Stay safe everyone

GM Angelo