Modern technology is it a friend or foe to the martial arts?

Modern technology is it a friend or foe to the martial arts?

We all know how computers and the internet has revolutionised our lives some say for the better others for the worse, I guess it is just a matter of perception.

Let’s look at martial arts (must we Ang? Yes we must and no shouting out from the back.)

When I started martial arts in the 70’s there was no such thing as a computer or even mobile phone and you were very lucky if you could find a club for martial arts let alone a black belt running it.

Nowadays everyone is a master and a world champion and everyone seems to have trained with Bruce lee, my goodness he was busy man and packed in so much in his short 32 years

I knew Bruce’s sister Sara, great gateaux’s by the way, sorry I am going off topic.

Anyway I love the internet without it I would not have met and trained with so many fantastic people and you would not be reading this now.

The problem I have with it is that too many people rely on it for teaching them martial arts; of course it is always a good source of information or supplement provided you click on something credible. However it is not a substitute for a club or having a teacher correct your mistakes.

How do you know what is credible if you have not been to a reputable martial arts club under a qualified teacher?

Everyone has to have a point of reference in order to make an informed choice or judgement.

 Another pet hate of mine is too many people spend too much time flicking from one site to the next hoping that they will learn something quick and easy so they spend less time practicing the martial arts.

You must train, make mistakes and then the learning begins for me there is no other way.

Many people ask me to do distance learning it is not possible, yes of course you can learn the basics but the details and the energy and corrections you need these can only be transmitted through physical contact.

Below is a clip of me doing a Knock out, please tell me if you can learn from this clip or even know what I am doing exactly.

You can contact me on to let me know.

Please use the internet it is a useful tool but limit yourself and do far more training compared to watching a screen. I have a rule in my house it gets turned off after 6.00pm


Keep safe and my best wishes always


GM Angelo