Don’t Platform your footwork!

Don’t Platform your footwork!

In my 47 years experience in the fighting arts, giving seminars in over 20 countries around the world one of the biggest observations is how little credence is given to footwork, everyone watches the hands of the instructor or master but nobody watches the feet. Your footwork takes you into the correct position whether you are attacking, defending, retreating, evading etc.

You should not plant your stance thus becoming static or stationary and then try to work from this position. This will make you an easy target and give your opponent a reference point.

“You keep moving and the enemy cannot hit you. When you dig a foxhole, you dig your grave.” — General George S. Patton

In Filipino Kyusho we work to many principles over 350 and in relation to our footwork we have a saying.

‘’There is no arm movement without a corresponding foot movement or vice versa or you will be music conducting.’’

This means keeping moving and using your hands and feet together as a unit as this will ensure that you are using the power of the body core and not just a separate arm or leg movement. If you don’t you will be stationary, anchored, rooted and a very easy target to hit.

Don’t be a conductor as everyone will see you and know what you are doing!!!!