Are you self defence ready?

Are you self defence ready?

Are you self defence ready or do you go around like the masses with your head stuck in your phone?

If something happened would you be ready to take action?

These are important questions you have to ask yourself.

The other day I was walking towards home and on my side of the road coming towards me was a guy performing drop kicks in mid air, when I neared 100 metres I could see he was holding a can, I made an educated guess by the way he was swaying and losing his balance during his high kicking French can can display that he was the worst for drink.

My choices were to carry on walking along the same path and hope that he would not drop kick me when passing, although he was muttering loudly to him self, never a good sign. I selected the simple option of crossing the road well before our paths met and hoped that he would not follow. So that was my preferred action, after crossing and passing him from the other side on the road I continued to monitor his location to make sure he was well on his way and that I was in no danger of him sneaking up on me.

Over cautious you may say but I don’t believe you can ever be, you owe it to your family and yourself to keep yourself safe at all times. It can happen so quickly but if you are aware and focus your attention on what is happening in the present you will have more time to make an informed choice and avert possible danger.

When you are self defence ready you are already ahead of the game and won’t be taken by surprise giving you the advantage over your would be assailants and aggressors as they rely on you not being prepared and in shock.

Tips to keep you aware and self defence ready.

1. Don’t use your phone in the street. Wait until you are in a safe environment and are aware of your surroundings.

2. When in any public place check where the exits are and plan your escape route should trouble occur.

3. When anyone approaches you, scrutinise the person, how do they look, are they rough looking, do they smell of alcohol, are they trying to distract you, can see both of their hands, are they trying to conceal any weapons?

4. What could you use for an equaliser weapon if your escape is impeded and you had to defend yourself?

Just a few things to think about and keep you safe.

GM Angelo

”If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail.”