State of mind

State of mind

There has been a lot of interesting ideas by some martial arts instructors when using thoughts or intentions in the use of nerve striking/pressure points. We won’t go into them as we prefer to keep it at a more realistic self defence level at this time.

The goal of your intentions or thoughts is to completely focus your mind to be in a positive state so that anything you do, it comes from your subconscious.  It does not require any thoughts or judgments as you have done it 1000’s of times before. Precise focused repetition is the mother of skill, just as you drive a car, ride a bike or swim you just do it.

The problem arises when you cannot get into that state because you succumb to the pressure of the confrontation or event, watch any athlete before they run, they have rehearsed the race many many times in their heads.  They imagine themselves crossing the finishing line first over and over again.

Its not rocket science its good old P.M.A  Positive Mental Attitude.

If the first time you get attacked and you go to pieces, then you have not prepared or trained enough mentally physically or both.

Joe Louis the famous boxer used to say ‘‘Everyone has a plan until they get hit.’’

Your mind must be strong, you practise and imagine that what ever happens you can deal with it. You can counter anything that your attacker throws at you.

It is rehearsed so much it is in every fibre of your body being.  How you focus your mind is a totally an individual thing and will be down to your own imagination.

Here is a small suggestion

Imagine someone  attacks you  or grabs you and you destroy their arm or the first thing that presents itself, it shatters like glass into 1000’s of pieces or it is made of paper and you punch holes repeatedly into it, just rehearse this over and over again so it becomes second nature so if you are attacked then you can make an effective strike (defence) without hesitation and of course you can use one of your own methods as you are only limited by your imagination.

Don’t be in a state get in your state.

Train safe

GM Angelo