Panuntukan- Filipino Dirty boxing the un-noble noble art

Panuntukan or Panatukan as it is more commonly known in the west comes from the Filipino word Suntokan meaning brawling, it is the art of brawling using every available part of your body to defend yourself, e.g. fists, elbows, head butts, Knees, Shoulders, kicking, stamping, grappling, throwing, tripping, pinning, nerve dysfunctions, choking, neck breaks etc […]

The Samurai Code

The Samurai Code Precepts of the Samurai  – Samurai No Kokoroe Know yourself. (Jiko o shiru koto) Always follow through on commitments. (Jibun no kieta koto wa saigo made jikko suru koto) Respect everyone. (Ikanaru hito demo sonke suru koto) Hold strong convictions that cannot be altered by your circumstances. (Kankyo ni sayu sarenai tsuyoi […]